The $500 diamond watch is here

The $500 diamond watch is here

It’s not the first time a wearable with an interesting name has been announced in recent years, but the Pebble Time, which debuted at the 2016 Mobile World Congress, is certainly the most innovative.

While the watch is powered by the Pebble 2, which runs on Android Wear, it’s the first wearable with a touchscreen, and it’s a great addition to the Apple Watch lineup.

It’s a $500 smartwatch, not a smartwatch with a name that sounds like it could sell for more than $500.

But for the first half of the decade, smartwatches have been the norm.

And the $500 price tag may not be quite as expensive as it sounds, but it does take some getting used to.

Pebble announced the Pebble Watch on March 1, and the watch quickly became one of the hottest items at Mobile World, especially in the United States.

It sold out in a matter of hours, and Pebble later sold out of the device in China.

That’s the same Chinese market where the Pebble’s predecessor launched.

Pebble’s newest version, the Pebble Sport, has been selling out faster than many other smartwares.

And the Pebble watches are actually fairly affordable.

Pebble says it will sell the watch for $499.

That works out to around $200 more than the Apple Watches that came out last year, but is still $100 less than the Samsung Gear S2 or the Moto 360.

The price is a little more than Apple’s $799.99 watch.

But while Apple’s watch sells for $399.99, Pebble’s price tag doesn’t match that of other smartwatch makers like Huawei, Asus, and Asus ZenWatch.

Those companies all have similar prices, but all of them have different features.

For example, the Asus Zen Watch features a large screen, but only has three different display sizes.

The Huawei Watch has four different display types, while the Asus Pebble Sport has six.

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and LG G Watch R all have three different screen sizes.

Pelican Watch, a watch from the maker of the Pelican watch chain, also comes with three different displays sizes, but has a different design than its competitors.

That makes the Pelicans slightly more expensive.

Apple’s smartwatch lineup has also been a bit of a mixed bag, which is not surprising given how Apple is trying to build its own smartwatch division.

It’s been rumored for years that Apple was working on a smart watch that would use a metal casing rather than a plastic one.

That might sound like a bad idea, but if you look at the design, it makes sense.

Apple already sells its own iPhone case, and its own Apple Watch band, but these cases are made of stainless steel and come in a variety of colors.

Apple would likely use these designs for its watch because they’re relatively inexpensive and flexible.

Peyton already has a smart wristwatch that is designed to use a plastic case.

The Pebble Sport uses the same case as its predecessor, but with a more flexible design.

But while the Pebble was designed to be thinner and lighter than the original Pebble, its original case is still about 10mm thick.

It is also only slightly larger than the current Apple Watch Series 2, and that’s to make room for the touchscreen.

Pebble Sport buyers should be able to find the same functionality with a slightly thinner watch.

In terms of specs, the new Pebble also has a new processor, which means it can do more than just watch the clock.

It also supports the iPhone’s multitasking features, allowing users to scroll through their apps and check email, or browse the web.

Pebble can even do some basic multitasking on the go, allowing it to send an email to an email address and then take a photo of it.

But it’s still a fairly simple watch.

It uses Bluetooth to pair with your iPhone, but doesn’t have a built-in camera.

It can use Bluetooth to connect to other smart watches, but not with Apple’s own iOS.

Pebble doesn’t support Apple Pay yet, so you’ll have to use an alternative payment system to make purchases.

While the Pebble is not designed to do all that you might expect from a smartwear, it has some really nice features.

Like the fact that it supports both Bluetooth and NFC, it supports wireless charging.

This is especially important when you’re wearing it in a crowded room, as Pebble says that charging a watch in a small room won’t work.

The watch also supports Bluetooth, NFC, and NFC voice calling.

It supports the ability to receive notifications from your iPhone and Siri, as well as receive text messages.

And it’s capable of downloading apps and photos, so it’s useful for checking email, sending photos to your friends, and more.

Pesky, but still a good smartwatchThat’s not to say the Pebble isn’t a solid


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